Heathrow Airport Coach Pick-up Notes

Heathrow Airport Terminals

Heathrow airport operates strictly controlled procedures for coaches picking up from their various terminals and we ask you to make yourself familiar with the systems described, (if you are not travelling, please ensure the person travelling with the group has a copy of this information).

  1. We must have the following information IN ADVANCE to ensure a smooth collection from Heathrow Airport.
    1. Incoming Flight Number.
    2. Airline name you are travelling with.
    3. Airport you are flying from.
  2. We will telephone the airport in advance of our departure from our own coach station in Didcot to try to establish if the aircraft is on time, but this information is not always available before we have to leave.
  3. When an empty coach arrives at the airport it has to go to an off-airport holding area controlled by the BRITISH AIRPORTS AUTHORITY (BAA) and register with a BAA controller.
  5. The BAA controller will log-in the coach against the flight number it is meeting.
  6. The BAA controller will issue a permit to the coach driver once the flight has landed and he is advised the baggage from that flight is in the baggage claim area. In practice this can vary between 30/60 minutes after touch down. OUR DRIVER DOES NOT MAKE THIS DECISION - ONLY THE BAA CONTROLLER.
  7. Once the permit is issued the driver can proceed to the terminal it is issued for and the one the plane landed at. Passengers should not go to any other terminal as the coach cannot. Holding area to Terminals 1, 2 or 3 approx 10mins. Terminal 4 approx 20 mins
  8. In practice sometimes passengers are outside the terminal building before their coach, particularly if they have very little baggage or only hand baggage.
  9. Should this happen, one member of the group should go back into the terminal building and ask the information desk to contact the BAA charter coach controller (internal telephone extension number 5833) and request an earlier release of their coach. You will need to give them our company's name and the flight number you have arrived on. (During the peak summer months and at other busy times the BAA allocate a uniformed 'Coach Marshal' to each terminal who will be in the general area of the coach pick up point outside the terminal buildings and you should make contact them for advice if you cannot locate your coach).
  10. The BAA does not allow coach drivers to leave their coaches unattended outside terminal buildings to go into the building to meet or look for you. You have to make your own way out to the coach meeting point outside the terminal building.
  11. There are no facilities outside the terminal buildings for drivers to make telephone calls to confirm collection of groups. If you need to notify anyone at your destination you are about to depart please do this in the terminal building yourself after exiting customs. (Approx travel times: Oxford Area 1.25hrs. Reading Area 45mins. Central London 45mins)
  12. If the group are arriving on multiple flights please ask us for special advice.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND MULTI-TERMINAL PICK-UPS unless you have a reception person in each terminal building.

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