Hire Check List

Information required to allow the best value price to be quoted

When you wish to hire a coach for a single day journey and require a price, the following information will allow us to prepare a detailed quotation for you. If your requirements are for a multi-day tour we will need similar information on a day by day basis.

  • Date of Journey or period of year
  • Size and Grade of Coach or Coaches required
  • First Pick up point and time
  • Any extra pick up points enroute
  • Any special route if not direct
  • Destination
  • Is coach required at the destination
  • If required what do you wish it to do
  • Departure time from destination
  • Any special return route if not direct
  • Any extra drop off points to those used to pick
  • Estimate of completion time
  • Any extra requirements

If you accept the quotation, a written confirmation setting out all the information will be posted to you to allow you to check the information has been fully understood.

If you change the specification of the journey at any time a fresh letter will be posted to you reflecting the changes and showing the new journey details.

Should you need to cancel a journey we will also send you a letter confirming your request.